Track of the Day: Jack Grant – Bespoke

This might seem ageist, but I am astonished by the number of talented youngsters in the underground scene. I’m not saying talent is lacking in people of all ages, but I enjoy speaking to musicians who use inspiration from “old bands” when I knew those bands during their infancy. Jack Grant is one of these artists. When I was a university student enjoying Arctic Monkeys first releases, Grant was eating play-dough as a toddler.

Born and bred in Leeds, Jack Grant has been making music since the age of 15. In 2019 he released his debut single ‘Bespoke’ combining a dynamic melody with meaningful lyrics. Highly reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys, Placebo and The Kinks, Grant has produced an addictive and anthemic single. I can’t wait until this Leeds lad is placed amidst the likes of Blur, Supergrass and, of course, Arctic Monkeys.

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