Egon – Space to Breathe (2021)

We all know that we should be kind to ourselves, but this is often easier said than done. If you need a little nudge in the right direction, Egon is here to help with ‘Space to Breathe’. With this release, he encourages us to accept that some things happen in their own time and that taking a step back is often the best course of action. This is woven into an inspirational blend of music and lyrics that speaks to those of us who are struggling.

To create this positive message, Egon draws on his experience as a double bassist and a love for trailblazing pop. With an alternative style that offers a pleasing mix of eclecticism, he dives into vulnerable stories and intimate tales. Exploring questions such as identity and the meaning of being everywhere and nowhere, each release is a masterpiece unto itself.

‘Space to Breathe’ pulls you in with a soulful guitar line that moves into some serious head-bopping beats. There is a really interesting movement to the melody that melds different styles and tones with a touch of retro merging with a uniquely modern edge. Those bopping beats rise and fall for a chilled vibe that effortlessly leads you further into the track. With the layering of the music, you face a chilled vibe that is also grounded and keeps you firmly on the ground. It is a wonderful amalgamation of tones and influences that takes on a completely new life through Egon’s musical stylings.

His vocals add to the chilled vibes of the single as the lyrics touch on some rather heavy topics. Through the single, he has you objectively looking at the world and the pressures we all face. This is tempered by the message of self-care and the understanding that taking some time for yourself is not a bad thing. The easy flow of his voice allows the message of the track to gently sink into your soul and bring its light into your life.

Egon brings a message of being kind to yourself and taking the time to step back and let things take their course in ‘Space to Breathe’. Every element of the single is a combination of influences and tones that merge for his unique sound. Through the chilled yet grounded soundscape, his message sinks into your soul and fills you with the light of love.

Find out more about Egon on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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