CSK – Sojourn (2020)

Using a rich instrumental soundscape, CSK attempts to capture a feeling of change and development in ‘Sojourn’. A sense that we can all connect with right now, the song takes twists and turns for a dynamic sonic experience. It is through these movements that we connect with the message and emotion of the track. Creating a soundtrack for the last few months, the song continues the bands focus on tonality and feel.

Written largely during lockdown and isolation, the track was recorded and developed by David Brown and Matt Carter in separate locations. This brought a new dynamic to the single which can be heard through the music.

‘Sojourn’ has a fairly soft opening that draws you into the song. The light notes pluck against your ears pleasantly and meld with the drums to form a solid foundation. The lighter tones then start to lead you further into the song before you hit a turn. This is where some deeper sounds come in with this really great guitar line. As you move down this path, you are accompanied by a slow melodic movement that is a pleasure to listen to.

More expansive notes bubble up after this to take you on a higher route. The melodic movements are so smooth that you are easily led down them and sent soaring in the direction CSK wants you to go. While instrumental, the single is emotive as you are taken down different paths only for the soundscape to take a subtle change and leave you to rediscover everything.

CSK captures the subtle feeling of change and new developments in the rich soundscape of ‘Sojourn’. The single uses turns in the melody to portray changes in life, but the smooth and subtle movements wonderfully capture the sense of needing to rediscover something you thought you knew.

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