SAYANA – Small Talk (2021)

While breakups can be hard, there is something about running into an ex when you are not ready to see them that brings its own form of pain. These moments have been captured by SAYANA in her single ‘Small Talk’ that delves into the awkward conversation and eye contact avoidance that happens. While filling the soundscape with the awkward energy of the moment, she adds the thoughts of how the big love of your life can turn into nothing but this one uncomfortable moment.

The turbulent emotions that take over at these times have been brought to sonic glory through the contemporary RnB flows of the track. With finely tuned tones, SAYANA draws on the influences that filled her life from folk to RnB and the intricate melodies of the Middle East. Her songwriting skills have been honed since the age of 11 and help her share her experiences with the world.

SAYANA’s vocals open ‘Small Talk’ with a rich RnB movement. There is a silken feeling to her voice that slides against your skin in the best possible way. While you are wrapped in the satin of her voice, the emotions of the track slowly build in your veins. The awkward small talk of the story comes through on the chorus and you are filled with a sense of sadness because of it. This emotion is driven by the knowledge that things were not always like this and the disconnect brings sadness and pain. SAYANA is able to perfectly infuse each emotion of the track into the lyrics with masterful ease.

Beneath her silken RnB vocals is a deeply moving melody. There is a rich feeling to the music that is tempered by the subtle touch to it. The deep beats propel you into the vocals while the richer layers flow beneath her voice to gently carry it. It is clear that the vocals are the real star of this show and they do not disappoint. While this is the case, the smoothness of the music should not be ignored as it adds the foundation the vocals need to bring the single to greater heights.

SAYANA draws you into awkward conversations with an ex through the rich contemporary RnB tones of ‘Small Talk’ while infusing each word with emotion. Her smooth and silken vocals and a rich slide against your senses as she brings the emotions of the moment to life. While the vocals are the star of the show, the music cradles them allowing them to shine.

Find out more about SAYANA on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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