BC Roadz – Stack$ (2021)

If you are looking for music that is really different, then you are definitely in the right place. BC Roadz brings what might be the only lo-fi blues rap single to our ears with ‘Stack$’. A workplace ballad that merges hip-hop, blues and rap, he brings a message that is as powerful now as when it was initially written.

The third track off his album, he draws on life experiences to create songs that are really easy to connect with. This is all wrapped up in a sound that is second to none and so wonderfully unique that you instantly know who it is. A storyteller and pure composer, he has you vibing to his original sound, thinking about what he has to say and dying to hear more.

‘Stack$’ brings his blended sound to our ears from the first notes. There is a warbling easiness to the music that brings a touch of blues to the soundscape. This merger of tones is masterful as it doesn’t sound strange at all and gets your head happily bopping to the rhythm. The hip-hop edge to the melody is what really sinks its hooks into your muscles to get you moving to the music. While it is a beautifully blended melody, there is a steady flow to it that draws you down the single and lets the vocals act as a companion for the journey.

The vocals bring the lo-fi edge to the track while smoothly flowing through melodic rap vibes. BC Roadz showcases his amazing storytelling ability through the lyrics as he daydreams while at work. The catchiness of his performance will have the lyrics sticking in your brain while putting a smile on your face. If you have ever daydreamed while working, this is a song that talks to your soul. There is a whimsical feeling to the vocals that let you know that this might be a pipe dream but it is so enjoyable that you really don’t care. This is one of those songs that you can play at any time and feel happy by the end of it.

With the blended tones of ‘Stack$’, BC Roadz draws you into a daydream while getting you to bop to his infectious sound. The music is a great combination of rap, rock-pop and blues which is delightfully unique and really smooth. The flow of the vocals adds to the infectious energy of the single making it a track you can easily have on repeat.

Find out more about BC Roadz on his Instagram and Spotify.

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