Scoobert Doobert – I’m An Idiot (2021)

From San Diego, California, indie-pop artist Scoobert Doobert has released his single ‘I’m An Idiot’. The artist shares that the song is “…a reflection of self-doubt turned into self-love. A negative affirmation becoming a statement of freedom. It’s a song lamenting and celebrating the fact that everyone on this planet is an idiot, each in their own special way. To me, the people who don’t view themselves as fools are the biggest idiots of all, but that’s a pretty stupid statement.”

The track starts off with clapping sounds with Scoobert’s vocals kicking in after four seconds. The bass line and the drumbeat are very catchy as he sings about how he feels like it’s obvious that he’s an idiot. He sings about when he’s trying to sleep at night but his brain is still working overdrive. He sings about how even when he’s asleep he dreams about it. The beat is very captivating and the lyrics are really interesting and draw you into the story. In our opinion, ‘I’m An Idiot’ is a very feel-good song to bop along to.

For more from Scoobert Doobert check out his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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