Carnival Mind – Easy to Run (2021)

Are you in the mood for some acoustic indie rock that draws on the very essence of music? Well, you just might be in the right place because that is exactly what ‘Easy to Run’ by Carnival Mind has to offer. A resonating single, it seems to capture a timeless energy that threads through the essence of the world while bringing a fresh blast of acoustic sounds.

Drawing on the feeling of just being sick of Ed Sheeran, the band has your mind flying along the open road while weaving through the poetry of the lyrics. There is something epic about their sound that infuses sincerity into some seriously thought-provoking questions. Through all of this, they bring a touch of melancholy to a closeness that can’t be duplicated.

‘Easy to Run’ strums into your ears with a relaxed acoustic guitar. There is a warm feeling to the music as it reaches out to you and wraps you in a comforting embrace. The momentum of the guitar leads you endlessly forward into the soundscape while getting your foot tapping to the rhythm. You can almost imagine Carnival Mind sitting next to you and playing while the sun shines through the window. While drawing you close through the sound, the melody also has a freeing feeling that sends your mind soaring and gives you the impression of the wind whipping past you as you fly down the open road.

While the melody fills you with good vibes and flying tones, the vocals bring a sincere consideration of life. There is a sad edge to the lyrics as they consider the metaphorical setting of the sun and an urge for something more in life. The vocals have a great folk-rock growl to them that brings the heart of songwriting greats of the past to your ears. As you listen to the vocals and sink into the lyrics, you are filled with the sense that there is something more but we need to take the time to look for it instead of running from hardships.

Carnival Mind brings the essence of acoustic indie rock to your ears while hitting you with some thought-provoking lyrics in ‘Easy to Run’. The melody draws you in while also sending you flying along the open road. The vocals have a sincere feeling as they dive into melancholy, the urge to run and the understanding that there are still good things in the world.

Find out more about Carnival Mind on their Instagram and Spotify.

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