Seaker – Ashes (2021)

Anxiety can bring a lot of issues with it from a warped sense of self to a veiled outlook on the world. Seaker is acknowledging this with her ode to anxiety that is ‘Ashes’. Through the single, she looks at the threads of thoughts that can overwhelm you when anxiety takes hold while offering some peace from the noise.

Written during a bout of anxiety, she brings a touch of personal struggles to this highly relatable subject. Using an interwoven melody, she combines ethereal vocals with her more folky tones. With soundscapes that are epic yet delicate, she transports you into the moment while washing you in the messaging of her songs.

‘Ashes’ opens with a soft and delicate line that has you gently easing into the soundscape. The music has a soft richness that is enhanced by the vocals. The gentle opening gets a swell of anxiety as deeper tones start to make their way across it. The folky tones of the guitar and piano build a wonderful tension that creeps up on you, much like anxiety. The movement from this tension to the easy rich sounds and back again perfectly captures the flow of being stuck in an endless cycle of anxiety.

Seaker’s vocals create a layered element to the music as she comes in with various threads. The overlapping vocals in the opening create the haze of thought threads that leave you wondering which to listen to. While the layered vocals are a glimpse into an anxious mind, there is a delicacy to the performance that helps to ease you. This is bolstered by the lyrics that help you work through the negative emotions you might be feeling. Through the single, you are filled with a sense of peace and the feeling that you could work through the problems you face.

Seaker uses layered vocals resting on a delicate and rich soundscape to tackle anxiety in ‘Ashes’. There is a soft swell in the melody that raises the tension of anxiety while the vocals create multiple threads of thoughts that often overwhelm you. Through all of this, you are filled with a sense of peace and the knowledge that you can get through what you are feeling.

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