Sean David Christensen – I Miss the Old You (2022)

While many relationships seem to come to an abrupt end, there are times when they slowly wither and things start to drift without you realising what has happened. Sean David Christensen takes up the latter and has turned it into the alt-country ballad ‘I Miss the Old You’. Touching on personal reflections, the single looks at the sense of loss that comes after a relationship has faded and you can’t trace the moment things started to change.

As the pain of loss tinges the soundscape, Christensen dips into a rhythmic remembrance of everything that made the relationship good which has now been lost. To bring the powerful emotions of the single to life, he co-wrote the track with John C. Schroeder and Ross Garren with Ryan McDiarmid featured on drums. Drawing on his musical experience and work in film, Christensen create an emotive single that really tugs at your emotions.

‘I Miss the Old You’ grabs your attention with a really light twinkle that turns into the country strum of the guitar. There is a light toe-tapping rhythm to the melody that has you tapping and bopping lightly to the music. The music has a slightly stripped-back feeling that flows into a rich alt-country sound. There are tones that sweep through the soundscape and evaporate on the distant winds while moving grounded tones keep you in the present. Through all of this, the melody carries a nostalgic touch of sadness and reflection.

While the melody moves to its alt-country flow, Christensen’s vocals have a light folk-pop feeling to them. As he enters, there is a deep sadness to his performance that tugs at your emotions. The lyrics move through thoughts that a lot of people have as a relationship comes to an end. There is a vulnerable honesty to his performance as he unleashes his emotions and sense of loss into the soundscape. His voice has a wonderful softness to it that makes you want to relax into it while soaking in the pain-tinged flow. The backing vocals enhance the overall softness of the track while adding richness to the song.

Sean David Christensen plucks at your emotions while coating the sound of ‘I Miss the Old You’ in a layer of nostalgic sadness. The melody has a delicate touch of alt-country that mixes with feelings of reflection and sadness. His vocals are smooth and soft as they connect the sense of loss in the music to a specific situation.

Find out more about Sean David Christensen on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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