RAT BATH – Ragdoll (2022)

RAT BATH wove a country core web of jailbreaks and witches with their single ‘Spit//Swallow’. The story continues with their single ‘Ragdoll’ which is the last before the release of their full concept album Rat From Hell. In this chapter of the tale, the witch has regained her powers and confronts the demon who initially captured them.

An amazing next step in the story, it really gets you into what their album is all about and has you eager to hear how everything will play out. While the single is a confrontation between witch and demon, there is a deeper message woven into the post-hardcore alt-country sounds. This message relates to the trauma we all have and how overcoming obstacles to address and resolve this trauma.

‘Ragdoll’ whispers with a dark and creepy tone before hitting you over the head with the running melody. The galloping pace of the music shakes you up from the inside only to leave you slightly off-kilter when it abruptly comes to an end. There is a fiery rise of guitars and tones that heat your skin after the pause. This rise and stop of the melody bring the majesty of the confrontation in the lyrics to life while flaring white-hot flames across your senses. In the latter part of the single, this fiery confrontation ends and is replaced with a more considering creeping tone. There is a feeling of understanding in the music, but this builds for the final moments of the confrontation.

Riding the fiery flickers of the melody are the vocals that hit out with the same heated energy. As the music runs down the first verse, the vocals match the speed with a touch of anticipation and indignation. This indignation rises against the crash of tones that leads to the next paced run. The lyrics are a wonderful confrontation packed with anger and accusations that only fuel the need for vengeance. When the music drops for the slightly more tender moment, the vocals are a whisper of understanding. It is like they reach out a hand of understanding to another hurt soul. While there is this touching moment, it rolls back to the fight that ends in the most wonderful anguished screams.

RAT BATH continues the tale of the witch from their upcoming album with ‘Ragdoll’ and its fiery confrontation and accusations. The melody shakes your insides as you gallop down fiery paths of vengeance and confrontation. The vocals fan the flames before dropping for a tender reaching hand that slowly curls back into a fist.

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