Shankool – Inheritance (2021)

A subject that doesn’t get a lot of attention is inherited family trauma. Fortunately, Shankool is here to shine the spotlight on this in his aptly titled single ‘Inheritance’. Drawing on his family’s own experience escaping Iraq and how being a first-generation American citizen affected him, he delves into emotions and experiences that are often overlooked.

While the single was inspired by personal experience, the way Shankool handles the topic makes it accessible for everyone. Using dancing bedroom pop, he looks to find peace within the emotional baggage that comes from past generations. Written and recorded in his old bedroom during quarantine, the single offers healing, depth and an engaging soundscape.

‘Inheritance’ pulses to life with some deep synth tones that get your head moving. There is a pulling feeling to the melody like it has grabbed your hand and irresistibly tugs you further and further into it. In the low levels of the melody are these rather interesting tones that bring a touch of the past to the present. The melody is more intricate than you might first imagine with a variety of layers coming together for a solid sound. There are deep beats, twinkling higher tones and cascading synths that all add their own touch to the music making it so captivating.

Against the complex melody, Shankool’s vocals are a shining light. He enters with a higher tone that breaks through the depths of the melody grabbing your attention. His performance gains power on the chorus as he hits you with emotionally intense lyrics. There is an easiness to his vocals that slinks into your brain but this does not detract from the importance of the lyrics or their emotional hits. The chorus is really catchy and you might feel the urge to sing along with Shankool.

Using an intense melody and shining vocals, Shankool hits you with inherited trauma and how this affects your life in ‘Inheritance’. The combination of the different melodic elements forms a solid soundscape that his vocals are able to shine against. The catchy lyrics hold an incredible emotional depth that sinks into your brain more and more as you listen.

Find out more about Shankool on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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