Steven Reinhardt – Down to Earth (2021)

Are you in the mood for a song that covers you in pastel colours and draws you into its gooey love-filled centre? Well, Steven Reinhardt is here to try with this single ‘Down to Earth’. A track all about validation and wanting attention in the pursuit of love, it wraps you in a synth cocoon full of colours and softness.

With a whimsical melody and playful beats, Reinhardt is joined by session musicians Lawson Kennard (bass), Conor Anderson-Vogue (drum), Tom Edwards (saxophone) and Aryo Hall (trombone) to heighten the experience. Through the story of someone pursuing a girl they like, Reinhardt has tapped into some first-hand experience for an engaging lyrical ride. The third track off his upcoming EP Soft Serve, it continues the sugar high of the last two and gets you jittery for the next.

‘Down to Earth’ dances and rolls into your ears with an engaging opening that makes you think of bright colours and sugary sweetness. There is a light feeling to the melody that brings the rainbow colours of dream-pop to the bopping goodness of power pop. With an airy guitar and playful synths, Reinhardt creates a cotton candy cloud that you rest on as you float down the pastel river of sound. At times, the melody gets a very Willy Wonka whimsical vibe that is enhanced by the wonderful horns that float through the soundscape.

As you wander through the candy wonderland of the melody, Reinhardt’s vocals pull you into the gooey centre of the track. His voice is like the flutter of wings against the air as he sinks into pop sensibilities. While his performance is as sweet as the melody, there is a depth to the lyrics that is a little at odds with the brightness of the song. This has been handled amazingly as his vocals continue the bursts of happiness while the vocals ask for something much more.

Steven Reinhardt has you floating on a cotton candy cloud as he washes your senses with pastel colours and sugary sweetness in ‘Down to Earth’. While the overall vibe of the single is light and airy, there is something more resting in the lyrics. This comes through subtly allowing you to relax into the gooey softness of the music while thinking about the lyrics.

Find out more about Steven Reinhardt on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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