Yasmine Gill – Blind (2021)

There are moments in many relationships where you might feel lost without anywhere to go. These pivotal moments have been captured by Yasmine Gill in her single ‘Blind’. While these moments can make or break a relationship, she uses her music to soothe the tension they create and infuse you with a sense of self-belief that you might find hard to grasp at the time.

While she maintains the calming and soulful sound she is becoming known for, Gill adds a light touch of lively pop to her usual RnB soundscape. The single is one of a three-part EP that is coming out later this year and a wonderful taster for the rest of her music. With a touching honesty, her music sinks into your soul and has you riding the waves of emotions she looks to soothe.

There is a soulful and seductive flow to the opening of ‘Blind’. The piano line is a wisping touch on your ears before the drums roll through your senses. There is an old-school soul feeling to the low levels of the melody while the higher levels are a brighter unique tone. There are a lot of layers to the melody that combine into a solid ribbon of satiny sound. The combination of melodic elements has a luxurious richness. Later in the song, there is a more contemporary RnB beat that shines out and pounds against your chest.

As the soulful tones pull you into the song, Gill’s humming opening adds to the richness of the single. Her voice is whiskey warm and soulfully smooth. There is something about her performance that wraps around your senses and will not let go. Through her performance, you are filled with the sense of being adrift in your own emotions and the situation you find yourself in. This is tempered with a building sense of self-belief that comes through the powerful bursts of her voice.

Yasmine Gill uses a soulful and sultry sound to work through feeling adrift in a relationship in ‘Blind’. With a melody that is all silken sounds and rich tones, the single fills you with a sense of self-belief. This shines through the vocals that carry on the soulful tones of the melody while filling you with warmth.

Find out more about Yasmine Gill on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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