Sharl – Let Me Know (2022)

Sharl is hitting us with a bright, bold and somewhat bratty electronic-pop blast in ‘Let Me Know’. Packed with hyperpop tones and an euphoric rush of emotion, the single will have you moving to the music before you know what’s hit you. While moving to a bright pop sound, the single draws on different elements of pop sub-genres to create a nuanced and energetic sound.

While Sharl has dipped her toes in the music world before, she is starting from scratch with her original music which brings a new sense of style to her sound. Using skills she has honed over the years, she is excitedly unleashing a string of catchy tracks that make you want to listen to her full album. Capturing the essence of her artistry, this track will instantly have you diving into her musical catalogue.

‘Let Me Know’ layers a deep droning undertone with twinkling higher tones. This layering continues throughout the first verse with deep beats getting you tapping and bopping to the rhythm. The higher notes bring a lighter feeling to the sound that shimmers through the soundscape. It is a wonderful combination of tones that brings different pop tones together for a moving melody. There is something about the roll of the electronic tones that come later that makes you want to move to them. Later in the single, these electronic tones cascade through your chest and raise your pulse slightly. You never quite know what is going to happen in the melody, but this works so well with the swirl of emotion in the vocals.

As the layered melody draws you into the single, Sharl’s vocals call from a distance over the initial melodic line. Her voice turns into a delicate dance that leaps from deep beat to deep beat. Her performance dances over the melody like light glinting off water. The light and bright feeling of her performance are a little at odds with the lyrics at times. Through the lyrics, she dives into the uncertainty of not knowing where you stand with someone. There are times when you feel like there is something more only to be hit with a wall of platonic vibes. The catchiness of her performance makes this uncertainty easier to handle while connecting you to the really relatable emotions.

Sharl brings a layered melody to bright vocals as she considers the uncertainty of not knowing where you stand with someone in ‘Let Me Know’. From the first moment, the melody layers light twinkling notes over deep droning beats. Sharl’s vocals dance like light across the melody while connecting with emotions that we can all relate to.

Find out more about Sharl on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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