Vika Tova – Where Is Your Heart (2022)

Vika Tova is bringing musical nuance to life with her single ‘Where is Your Heart’. While the single initially seems to dive into the sadness of unrequited feelings, there is something more to it. Considering the single from a different angle, there are more powerful emotions that shine through the questions of how someone feels about you.

While the single brings different meanings, the melody infuses warm vocals into a pop-soul movement. Drawing on her classical piano training, Tova plucks out the best elements from pop, jazz, RnB, and Bossa Nova to create her unique sound. Having refined her skills, she will draw you into the mesmerising movement of her music through this single and all her others.

‘Where Is Your Heart’ has an interesting opening which is a sound snippet of a piano stool moving and a single piano note. This perfectly creates the start of the story of the single that leads to a sweep of almost ambient pop tones. The beat brings a more RnB vibe to the track that creates a richness to the sound. Through the melody, you can hear the lightest touches of the different musical styles and genres Tova has tapped into. The beats bring RnB and Bossa Nova to the track, while the piano line is all soul and smooth pop. It is a wonderful melody that you are drawn into as it twirls around you and bolsters the vocals.

From the first word, Tova’s vocals add to the soulful flow of the single. Her voice is light and warm while she tugs at uncertain emotions. She is able to bring a sadness to her performance as she questions how someone feels about her that masterfully fills your chest with emotion. Taking the vocals at face value, you are drawn into a tale of unrequited love and the pain that it brings. If you delve deeper into the meaning of the lyrics, you are hit with a wave of deeper emotion, including unstoppable attraction and addiction to a person. This is all wrapped up in a smooth movement that draws on the best elements of music and combines it into a single that you can easily fall into.

Vika Tova brings the pain of unrequited love to the hidden depths of unstoppable attraction and addiction in the blended tones of ‘Where is Your Heart’. The music takes the best elements of multiple genres and fuses them into an unstoppable flow. Tova’s vocals are smooth and warm as she tugs on your heartstrings and fills your senses with the emotions of the track.

Find out more about Vika Tova on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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