Shawn Mathews – Wanna Be (2020)

Shawn Mathews is getting the romantic juices flowing with his single ‘Wanna Be’. Drawing on the desire to be with someone you love, he uses an acoustic soundscape to fill you with longing. Taking a turn from his usual electronic sounds, the raw and authentic melody of this track packs a heavy emotional hit.

While draped in romantic vibes, the single offers an energetic pop sound. The relatable lyrics and overall vibe will have you eager to hear more from him. His usual blend of pop, RnB and hip-hop comes through in this single, but the turn from electronic sounds adds something special to the soundscape.

‘Wanna Be’ has these twanging notes that grab your attention from the first moment. They draw you in and combine with the deep beats to make you move to the rhythm. There is a great flow to the melody that slides against your ears in the funkiest sultry way. The lack of electronic tones enhances the vibe of the melody as you are offered a raw and authentic sound. At one point, the melody drops for a light melodic flow that perfectly matches the vocals. The romantic vibes of the lyrics are wonderfully translated into the melody.

Mathews’ vocals boost the vibe of the melody through the flow of his delivery. There is something fun and laidback about his delivery that sweeps through you. The lyrics have a fun romantic vibe to them as they lay out the relationship he wants. There is a great alternative pop flow to his vocals that make you move to the underlying hip-hop beats. The end of the track comes way too soon.

Shawn Mathews hits you with raw and authentic vibes through his romantic single ‘Wanna Be’. The combination of hip-hop beats, alternative pop stylings and RnB dashed vocals results in an infectious single. You will want to listen to this single again and again.

Find out more about Shawn Mathews on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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