EJ Mann – It’s Automatic (2020)

How information filters through to us is generally not as organic as it seems with mainstream media and large organisational views playing a big role. This herding of the population is the basis of ‘It’s Automatic’ by EJ Mann. Through the anthemic rock sounds of the single, he considers how we are all herded and individuality is stamped out.

This look into population control is only one of the hundreds of tracks Mann has written over the years. Having honed his abilities over many shows, in a number of bands and through studio time, he creates an enveloping soundscape that seeps into your skin. A self-released single, he brings listeners together through the power of his music.

‘It’s Automatic’ has these captivating beats in the opening that grab your attention before the guitar hits. The guitar line draws you into the single and has you moving before you can really comprehend what your body is doing. The infectious energy of the melody hooks you as you work through the versus only to pulse higher on the chorus. There is a great build-up within the melody that is quite subtle and works perfectly. The peak on the chorus has you soaring and gives the single an anthemic boost that combines with the vocals for a catchy line.

Mann’s vocals have a growling quality to them that infiltrates your brain. There is a sense of questioning in his vocals while still craving what you are presented with. As the melody soars for an anthemic line on the chorus, his vocals match it and make you want to sing along. This is a song that you can easily play at full volume and have a lot of fun listening to.

EJ Mann questions herd mentality and the almost remote-controlled autopilot we live in with ‘It’s Automatic’. The anthemic flow of the melody sweeps you into the soundscape before soaring through you for the catchy chorus. Mann’s vocals are a treat for the ears with the right amount of growling questioning.

Find out more about EJ Mann on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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