Silvergold – Like The Sun (2020)

Jazzy chords and relatable lyrics are the foundation of Silvergold’s debut single ‘Like The Sun’. These sounds are mixed with robotic vocals and synth-pop elements to give you a taste of what the band has to offer. Using these counterpoints, Silvergold work through how breakdowns in self-esteem and relationships are impacted by negative emotions and events. While working through all of this, the single has the heart of a love song and a hope for acceptance from the person you love.

Band members Harsja Azhuri (vocals, guitar), Moshe Darren (synths, saxophone, vocals) and Chris Renato (bass, vocals) worked through several iterations of the track before finalising it. The morphing nature of the song led to a completely impromptu saxophone line added during production at Janitra Satriani’s studio.

The jazzy electronic notes of the opening get you into the vibe of ‘Like The Sun’. The piano lines complement the electronic tones to create an interesting play of traditional and modern music. There is a groovy tone to the song, but it is more laid-back than upbeat. You want to move to the melody, but you don’t want to dance about which works very well with Azhuri’s vocals.

His vocals are light and carry this light note of electronic touches. His performance walks you through the lyrics and draws you into the emotions of the song. You feel the low emotions as well as the hope of something better. The moments of distorted vocals add to this walkthrough of emotions, but not overdone.

The jazzy mixture of electronic pop with guitars and saxophones by Silvergold in ‘Like The Sun’ creates a soothing yet moving single. Their debut single is a perfect combination of live instruments and robotic elements that makes you sway to the beat.

Find out more about Silvergold on their Instagram and Spotify.

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