Simon Jela – Safe Place (2021)

With his debut EP Safe Place, Simon Jela brings emotional lyrics to some vibrant melodies. Bursting with positivity and authenticity, the EP warms your heart and fills you with the passion he has for what he does. Each track is a personal piece of Jela wrapped in delightful pop sensibilities that fill you with strength and the wish that he had a much deeper discography.

Influenced by retro tones wrapped in modern styles, Jela draws on the music of his favourite bands while adding something that is uniquely him. Introspective yet upbeat, the EP touches on sadness, pain, strength and the resolve to carry on. If you are in the mood for music that blends old and new while tugging on all your emotions, this is the EP for you.

The EP opens with ‘Imprudent Things’ sweeps through you with a moving movement that is so beautiful. Jela’s vocals are smooth and deep as he makes you want to close your eyes and give into the movement of his voice. There is a delicate authenticity woven into each word that enhances the poignancy and emotion of the track. He is able to tug at your emotions without any effort and fill you with the bliss of first meeting someone you care about. This is a really touching opening to the track and instantly gets you hooked to his sound.

‘Safe Place’ brings a gentle awakening through the opening that swings into a driving beat. There is a burst of unlight that comes with the beats that puts a small smile on your face. The vocals fill you with the affection you feel for someone you care about. There is such a bright energy to the track that you can feel in your chest as it fills with happiness. While bursting with good vibes and affection, there is also an easing edge to the track as Jela reassures you of his feelings. There is a nuanced feeling to the vocals that perfectly capture the ups and downs of emotions.

The more grounded feeling of ‘Too Dark To See’ settles you after the light energy of the last track. This does not mean that any of the emotional power is reduced as Jela continues to wrap you in the feelings of the track. There is a rather cinematic feeling to this track that takes you on a journey of understanding of your emotions. He also reaches out a caring hand that leads you into a warm embrace. The guitar soars later in the track or a delightful push of the emotions of the track that is tender and deeply touching.

‘Chances’ has a faster pace that brings Jela’s versatility to light. The rock pulses of the opening get you moving to the track before the strumming shakes you up. This is wonderful when combined with the unease and unhappiness of the vocals. The lyrics detail the loss of a relationship and having to come to terms with not being with the person you care about. Through the pain and heartbreak, there is a really positive message woven into the track. Using the negative emotions of the track, he urges listeners to take a chance and grab the opportunities present throughout life.

The EP comes to a close with ‘If It Was on Me’ that brings the tender tones back. The piano line is delicate as it merges with the acoustic guitar and lightly dances around you. Jela’s vocals are as gentle as the music and lifts your spirits. You can easily feel the love and affection he has infused into each word. There is a really powerful feeling to this track that makes you want to feel the same emotions with someone you care about. A truly beautiful ode to someone, the track ends the EP on a really high point in both emotional and musical terms.

Simon Jela sweeps through you with passion, love and affection through the touching and moving tracks of Safe Place. Each single tugs on a different emotion while filling you with positive vibes. Through the tracks, you fall under Jela’s spell and instantly feel the urge to play the tracks again and again.

Find out more about Simon Jela on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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