Simon Taylor – Our Crazy Dream (2021)

It is a well-known fact that some of our best ideas come to us as we’re falling asleep or while taking a shower. Highly inconvenient from my perspective because those are the times when I rarely have access to a pen and paper. I mean, think about it, writing down ideas in the shower? Yet, it still happens, and I still find myself forgetting the amazing idea in a few minutes. Fortunately, there are those who keep the thought in mind and jot it all down as soon as possible; Simon Taylor is one of these people with his song ‘Our Crazy Dream’.

Influenced by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, Tim Buckley and even Nick Drake, Simon Taylor draws together elements of folk and pop in his enchanting music. Soothing and sincere, Taylor crafts melodies that effortlessly captivate one’s mind and soul; ‘Our Crazy Dream’ is another one of these tunes. A multi-instrumentalist, Taylor combines an acoustic guitar, percussion, bass and piano in the heartfelt tune. I find the interspersed inserting of the piano particularly appealing as it enhances the poignancy of the track with its simplistic tones. Yet, it is more than the languid melody that refreshes my soul. Along with the melodic arrangement, he speaks to audiences on a deeper level with the lyricism.

Despite being penned following a personal breakdown in 2018, ‘Our Crazy Time’ could be considered conceptual as it touches on the emotional and mental effects of living in this uncertain time. Recorded and produced during the UK’s third lockdown at the beginning of 2021, ‘Our Crazy Time’ explores life challenges; however, it is not a melancholic song but one of empowerment. The lyricism is tender and sincere sending a poetic message of redemption and hope. Taylor shares that “…the song is an ode to pursuing one’s goals in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.”

One of the tracks from his upcoming EP Survival, ‘Our Crazy Dream’ is a brief insight into the effects of mental health and how one can come through the tunnel into the light. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the EP.

For more from Simon Taylor check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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