JP Sunga ft STEMS Music – Dirty Water (2021)

We all have emotional baggage that we carry with us and there are times when this baggage weighs us down, stopping us from moving forward. If you are faced with this situation, JP Sunga is here to help with ‘Dirty Water’. A single about self-renewal, it uses an eclectic collection of sounds and the vocal backing of STEMS Music to bring the courage to accept the past, and the strength to move forward.

A journey that processes the hurts, regret and burdens of the past, the single is powerful as it transcends the emotional blockage many of us face. If the music on its own is not enough to sweep you into a better state of mind, the beautiful music video just might. Showing why he is a multi-award nominated artist, Sunga inspires us to actively find closure and emotional renewal.

‘Dirty Water’ has a bright feeling from the first note that meets the cheerful chirping birdsong. The drums and guitar lift your spirits and fill you with the emotions you get from doing something you love and enjoy. Through all this, there is a gentle and tender touch of nature woven into the music. As you sweep into the chorus, you can feel the crest of bright energy and happiness, like seeing the valley below you from the top of a mountain, or the rolling waves of the ocean. While the melody is bright and brings a soul-deep peace, it is an interesting collection of sounds that comes together.

The peaceful vibes of the single continue with Sunga’s vocals. He enters the track like golden light flickering through the leaves of the forest. His voice is smooth and light as it eases any tight feelings in your chest and allows the energy of the music to flow into you. As the chorus hits, his voice rises into the air with a burst of beautiful light. You can feel your spirit soar with him as he encourages us to accept the pain of the past, and move forward without taking any steps back. As light and peaceful as the single is, it is also so empowering as Sunga fills you with the courage to move on from the bad. It is like a rebirth through the waters of nature and the happiness of the future. Later in the track, STEMS Music’s choral vocals rise from the depths sending shivers through you. Their gospel tones add to the power of the message and envelop Sunga’s vocals.

While the single is a sweeping line of healing energy, the music video is a slow walk through the forest of inner peace. The images of the forest are peaceful and bring the light touch of nature. The cuts between Sunga walking through the forest and the young boy exploring is great. The young boy is like that part of yourself that you need to let loose to find the peace you need. As Sunga stands on the cliff singing, he enhances the soaring feeling of the vocals. While STEMS Music does not appear in the video, their vocals hit just as hard against the backdrop of Sunga by a waterfall and meandering through nature.

JP Sunga and STEMs Music bring the bright light of courage and empowerment for a flow of self-renewal and uplifting energy in ‘Dirty Water’. The music is bright and inundated with healing energy that leaves you feeling lighter for having heard it. Sunga’s vocals are powerful as they rise through your soul bolstered by the gospel tones of STEMS Music.

Find out more about JP Sunga on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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