Simple Sessions – Lessons (2020)

Simple Sessions has been amazing us with their stripped-back covers including ‘Sing To The Moon’. This is continuing with their sixth release ‘Lessons’. While the collective has 5 to 6 core musicians, this single only features singer Anna Hattam and guitarist Alex Hogg.

The cover is an acoustic version of Sinead Harnett’s original song released in 2018, which is also well worth a listen. The song is all about love and its many challenges as well as being afraid of where a relationship might lead. It also looks at past relationships that didn’t work out and the feeling of not wanting to experience that again.

‘Lessons’ sets the tone of the song with a gentle acoustic guitar. This guitar is the only instrument used for the melody and it creates an intimate vibe to the song. While it could seem that the melody is simple, there is a depth to it that draws you into the song. The light melody helps Hattam’s vocals shine and makes you listen to the lyrics.

Hattam’s vocals are soulful and absorbing. Her performance is alluring and you can hear the power in her vocals. The control she shows is amazing as she never overwhelms the guitar melody but is still able to captivate you with her strength. It is a very thoughtful performance that highlights the best of the lyrics and showcases the talent of both Hattam and Hogg.

Simple Sessions uses a simple acoustic guitar and vocal performance to touch your soul in ‘Lessons’. While this single has a more soulful vibe than their previous releases, it is an amazing addition to their catalogue. Hattam is powerful but reserved while Hogg holds your attention on the guitar.

Find out more about Simple Sessions on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.  

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