Black Spiders – Teenage Knife Gang (2013)

If you’re a heavy rock fan in the UK, chances are you’ve probably heard of rock band Black Spiders.    The band, active since 2008, has opened for Airbourne and Volbeat among others, and has played at festivals like Download Festival and Hard Rock Hell III, but surprisingly have yet to really make a name for themselves.    Their fast-paced and energetic style sounds refreshing and new, especially new single ‘Teenage Knife Gang’.

Despite never having a hit single or headlining their own tour, the band has a passionate fan base- in fact, their upcoming album was funded entirely by fans.   It’s clear to see why- ‘Teenage Knife Gang’ is undeniably catchy as it tells the story of their ‘life in a teenage knife gang’.

The vocals are clean and understandable, often a rare occurrence for up and coming heavy rock bands.    The vocals are accompanied by soaring guitars and drums.    ‘Teenage Knife Gang’ sounds fresh and new, while still having clear influences from Motorhead and Metallica.    With the band pulling influences from all over the rock spectrum for the new track (and hopefully the entirety of the album) it’s only a matter of time before rock fans all over the world will have heard of them.

The song itself is relatively short (clocking in at only slightly over 3 minutes) and as it soon as it ends, you’ll want more.    Hopefully fans will get more of this alluring sound when the Black Spider’s second LP, This Savage Land, drops September 13!

By: Lisa Severini

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