Exit State – Crystalline (2013)

Lancashire rockers Exit Sate are back with their third album Let’s See It All. A follow-up to their 2010 debut Death of a Rock Star and second album 2011’s Black Veins. Second single ‘Crystalline’, off Let’s See It All, is yet another big, catchy radio-friendly rock tune. It comes after the release of the first single ‘Pull The Thread’ back in March this year, and still brings it hard!!

I can hear so many different bands in this track, it’s awesome! It starts off subtly, then as the drums storm in, a ripping metallically driven ‘wah’ pattern breaks loose with hints of darkness, but catchy and commercial nonetheless. Vocals increase power as the song goes on and builds to an enormous and captivating chorus. Towards the end of the song, I find myself drawn into the synths and vocal “Ohh’s” repeating and embedding themselves in my short term memory bank! The layers continue to build from start to finish, and the only thing I really miss is a guitar solo. Yet, even without this I continued playing the song over and over until my dog was giving me funny looks.

Addictive and occasionally vocally cheesy, you can tell this band have been working hard over the past few years to cement their style and sound. It is obvious their time supporting the big guns like Michael Schenker’s ‘Temple of Rock’, and performing at London’s Sheperd’s Bush Empire has really paid off. Some changes and progressions within the track make it really dynamic and almost epic, and I feel this band is definitely one to watch. I foresee an anthemic stadium rock band with balls and flowing locks alike, one for the guys and the gals I would say, so get listening!!

Check out these guys if you like Chris Cornell, Incubus, Lost Prophets or My Chemical Romance.

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