Skybelly – The Drama of a Lava Lamp (2021)

Are you in the mood for a single that is dark and dreamy while making you feel a little happy? Well, you have come to the right place as this is just what Skybelly has to offer with ‘The Drama of a Lava Lamp’. Featuring a guest appearance by a lyrebird, the single is all late nights, dramatic flair and dark, dreamy pop.

Written by Sara Nelson, the creator of Skybelly, the single brings the flickering light of a candle and the smooth slide of whiskey to your ears. With wild vocals, she effortlessly draws you into the soundscape with an otherworldly magnetism. Creating music she is happy to listen to, she brings a companionable air to your surroundings as you indulge in her sound.

‘The Drama of a Lava Lamp’ pulls you into a soundscape that is all tropical rainforests and dripping tones. The depth of the low levels pulls you forward into the dense foliage of the soundscape while the higher tones drip like rain off leaves. While there is darkness to the melody, it has an almost comforting feeling like the arms of night resting on your shoulders and easing the stresses of the day from them. It is a very engaging melody that slides across your senses and has you lost in the muted colours of twilight.

The vocals are whiskey warm as they stalk out of the melody. Through her performance, she brings a dreamy edge to the deeper music. While dreamy, it contains the darkness of the melody without any hint of turning to a nightmare. At times, her voice rises from the depths for a high break out of the twilight before gently slipping back down. Her vocals also bring a dramatic flair to the single that merges with the song of a lyrebird in the final moments.

Skybelly wraps you in tropical twilight for a heady listening experience that is both dreamy and dark in ‘The Drama of a Lava Lamp’. The single is quite unlike anything else you might hear as it brings warm vocals to tender twilight tones for a dark yet comfortable soundscape. The unique movements of the track make this one you can easily listen to again and again while finding something new to latch onto.

Find out more about Skybelly on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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