Sinikka Monte – Play Pretend (2020)

Sinikka Monte is a young singer-songwriter born in Scotland and raised in Austria. Her passion for performing developed through ballet and she started writing songs at age 12. Her second single ‘Play Pretend’ highlights her exceptional talent and passion for music.

The song looks at fantasising about being with a person you are attracted to, but not actually acting on it. This is told through an interesting play of sudden breaks and powerful vocals. The track was produced by Robert Wallner and Flo Spies.

‘Play Pretend’ opens with Monte’s light and charming vocals. The melody of the track builds below the vocals with driving electronic beats and synths. There is a great build-up in the melody that brings you to the explosive chorus. The sudden breaks in the music add to the message in the lyrics by creating the bursts of emotions.

Monte’s vocals are captivating and you can hear the control she has over her performance. The modulation of her performance draws you into the song. The lightness of the vocals is a great overlay to the deep electronic beats. If you are looking for a great pounding pop song, this is the one you want.

Sinikka Monte uses driving electronic beats and her powerful vocals to paint a fantasy picture on ‘Play Pretend’. The track is engaging and you will not want to stop listening to it. The combination of perfectly executed vocals with the melodic breaks makes this track one to add to any playlist.

Find out more about Sinikka Monte on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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