Roi Bars – Fake Doors (2020)

Scams are aplenty and there are always people who fall into these traps, even musicians. This is the inspiration of Roi Bars latest single ‘Fake Doors’. It looks at how doors that are meant to open opportunities can be fake, but you have to try them in order to advance. Written during a low point, the single was a way to find a solution to change his state of mind. While deeply personal, the single is one that many can connect with and relate to.

Roi Bars (vocals, guitar) and Geo (drums) connected at a festival where they both played. While Roi Bars often uses electronics in his productions, he has been experimenting with a combination of electronics and acoustics. This melding has led to an interesting soundscape that is a pleasure to listen to.

The guitar opening of ‘Fake Doors’ gets your head moving before the drumbeat creeps up on you. The melody has this steady tempo that forms a foundation for your journey through the song. The steadiness of the melody creates a mental image of a long straight road that you are walking down as you pass doors of opportunity. Some of these doors are real while others are fake which is laid out perfectly in the lyrics.

The journey of facing potential fake doors is delivered by Roi Bars’ rich vocals. His voice is unbelievably pleasant to listen to and you can’t help but be drawn into it. He is also emotive as he makes you worry about the FOMO if you don’t open the doors. His vocals are powerful in the chorus as he works through these emotions.

Roi Bars works through the potential regrets of opportunities missed and builds a strong mindset in ‘Fake Doors’. The single is relatable and draws you in with his rich vocals and a steady melody. By the end, you are left feeling fortified and able to tackle your own fake doors.

Find out more about Roi Bars on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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