SLICK DIVISION – Runaway Love (2021)

Many people have felt the urge to pack everything up and exchange their mundane existence to follow what they love whether a person or a passion. SLICK DIVISION are exploring this feeling through the silken harmonies and synth-pop sounds of ‘Runaway Love’. Focussing on a young couple who give everything up for the freedom of life on the open road, the single has you longing for change.

The thirst for chasing what you love comes from brothers Jonny and Josh Cooper. With fresh vocals and modern productions, they bring a strong electronic sound to your ears while offering a slight edge to what you might be used to. Through the sounds of this single, they let you know why they have been BBC Introducing favourites since 2016.

‘Runaway Love’ has an almost RnB vibe to the opening as the clicking tones snap against your ears. This gives way to a more alternative pop style as the electronic elements pulse over the soundscape. There is a roiling feeling to the music on the verses that bursts for a pulsing vibe on the chorus that makes your head want to move with it. There is a very tight arrangement to the music that is wonderful to hear. While the melody has this tightness, there is also an expansiveness to it that highlights the neon tones of the synths.

Resting on the melody is the clear vocals of the duo. The brother’s swap out the performance constantly but this does not lose any of the energy of the track. In fact, both adding their clear vocals brings a new dimension to the single that you don’t often hear. Both have a silken slide to their voice that helps you slide against the synths of the melody and get lost in the lyrics.

SLICK DIVISION combine their voices for a clear interplay of energy that rests on a tight melodic arrangement in ‘Runaway Love’. There is a lightness to the music that fills you with neon vibes while the vocals have you yearning for the freedom of chasing what you love. The lyrics use the story of a couple to send you rolling into the emotions of the song.

Find out more about SLICK DIVISION on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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