Joelle Charan – Streetlight Silhouettes (2021)

Combining the heritages of her Catholic mother and Hindu father, Amsterdam native Joelle Charan is certainly a diverse character in her person and sound. Now, while I have not heard of Charan before, she is not a stranger to notable blogs and has received critical acclaim from Sinusoidal Music, Music News, YMX, Rock and Art, Motion News and various online radio stations/playlists. A mere newbie in the music scene having released music since 2020, the singer-songwriter is not as established as some other individuals; however, she is bringing a breath of fresh air to a stagnating pop/jazz music scene. The latest addition from Joelle Charan is ‘Streetlight Silhouettes’.

Following her well-received single ‘Blue Moon Bird’, ‘Streetlight Silhouettes’ finds the line between contemporary pop and modern-day jazz. Reminiscent of Norah Jones, Katie Melua and Eva Cassidy, Charan combines her bold vocals with soft orchestral instrumentation. Beautifully executed, the melodic arrangement incorporates various layers and textures in the warm song. What I find most intriguing is how Charan’s vocals stand above the instrumentation, but there is still a prominence given to the instruments with an interspersed underlying piano. Yet, while the melody is evocative in its own right, it is the depth of the lyricism that showcases Charan’s innovativeness.

Produced with renowned producer John Reynolds, ‘Streetlight Silhouettes’ has a nostalgic and dramatic quality oozing sentimentality from every chord. Penned as a reflective soundtrack to her time in New York, the song was inspired by “foggy silhouettes of people passing by” – an otherworldly experience if you ask me. Charan shares that “when I played the song to my mum, she said it reminds her of our walks together on the Brooklyn Bridge…I think that’s a nice reference for ‘Streetlight Silhouettes’.” What I find interesting is how the track reminds me of a theme song from some West-End musical, so the inspiration could be soundtracked by this single. Perhaps we could talk to someone about this?

Indulgent, intoxicating and heart-warming, Joelle Charan’s ‘Streetlight Silhouettes’ is a sophisticated representation of life in the shadows. Capturing audiences with her vivid lyrical imagery, you are easily transported to another dimension with her unique melodies. All I have to say is I love the lass and will hit the repeat button on all of her music. I think you should too.

For more from Joelle Charan, check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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