Kimia Jay – Fallacy (2021)

Inspired by the story of the Black Swan, Kimia Jay delves into the concept of a shadow self in ‘Fallacy’. With dark yet dreamy vocals, she digs into the depths of the human spirit to unearth the different parts of the whole. Through this exploration, she encourages us to dig deep, get to know all parts of ourselves and love them as a whole.

Continuing her passionate sound, Jay blends catchy lyrics with emotive vocals and strong musical statements. An emerging artist from Toronto, she captures listeners in a net of emotive sounds that encourage a sense of self-love and self-acceptance. With a dramatic flair and dreamy flows, Jay brings a fresh vibe to your soul with an unending passion for what she does.

‘Fallacy’ has your foot tapping to the beat before you even know what is happening. The guitars add a reflective vibe that is warm like the sun in summer and eases you into the rather chilled instrumentation. The catchy soundscape has a light haziness that brings a touch of dream-pop to the single. The melodic arrangement has you relaxing in the chilled vibes only to beckon you down the forest path of self-discovery. The music is full-on and does not let up for a moment which is utterly wonderful as you vibe to it throughout the track.

Sliding in over the melody is Jay’s vocals which bring a greater touch of dreaminess. While her voice is a light touch the lyrics have a dash of darkness to them. There is a rise and fall to her performance that brings a contrast of light and dark to your ears. This is perfectly matched to the messaging of the track as you dive into the dark parts of yourself and embrace it all. When her voice rises and soars into the soundscape on the chorus, she pulls you further into her musical realm. This is an extremely addictive single that you can’t help but want to listen to again and again.

Kimia Jay draws you into a dark yet dreamy soundscape full of warmth and a meander into the dark realms of the soul in ‘Fallacy’. With a chilled and laid back melody, she considers the light and dark aspects in each of us and encourages us to embrace both. An engaging single that really gets you hooked to the sound, it offers a unique journey of self-acceptance and love.

Find out more about Kimia Jay on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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