Snap Infraction – Take the Blame/Once in a Lifetime Daydream (2021)

Snap Infraction are bringing two sides of their sound to sonic glory with the two single release ‘Take the Blame’ and ‘Once in a Lifetime Daydream’. Using an in-your-face sound for the first track, they contrast it with the chilled and contemplative tones of the second. While infusing both with their rock sound, the different tones and swing in melodics between the singles really showcases just what the band has to offer.

The two-sided single release comes from Steve Karsch (vocals, guitars, piano) and Tony Iannuzzi (drums). The pair met years ago when Iannuzzi was in a school band with Karsch’s older brother. Over the years, they have played together in bands and this musical project became an extension of their shared musical creativity. Bringing vibrant colour to the soundscape, they hit out with an infectious energy that really gets you into their sound.

The first track of the release is ‘Take the Blame’ which brings a vibrant rock energy. The melody thrums with rock guitars from the first moment before moving to a shouldering moving burst. There is a really infectious rock energy to the melody that combines with the vocals perfectly. There is a slightly retro surf rock vibe to the vocals that puts a smile on your face. The roll of the vocal performance tumbles through your brain and leads you to the tight harmonisations that are backed up with a thrumming guitar. The interplay between the instruments and vocals is amazing and really gets you hooked to the sound making this a song you want to play again and again.

‘Once in a Lifetime Daydream’ starts to contrast the roc energy of the last track from the first moment. The melody opens with a chilled beachside vibe that is all warm summer holidays and the ocean lapping at your toes. It is not only the melody that brings a chilled vibe to your soul as the vocals haze through your senses. The harmonising on this track is different to the last as it brings a dreaminess that makes you want to sink into a soft surface. This soft surface is provided by the laid-back guitar that rolls down your senses like a cold bead of condensation running down a glass.

Through the sounds of their dual-single release, Snap Infraction showcases their punchy energy and chilled vibes. With the first track, the band has you bouncing to a slightly retro rock movement before you are sent into the hazy warmth of a chilled summer in the next. The two very different tracks really showcase the musical versatility of the band.

Find out more about Snap Infraction on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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