Soda Cracker Jesus – Kill It Tomorrow (2021)

Soda Cracker Jesus had us happily tripping on the rock tones of ‘Drug My Soul’. Now we are on a completely different trip through psychedelic swirls in ‘Kill It Tomorrow’. Blending rock grooves with pop sensibilities and dying them both in psychedelia, he has us embracing every second of life and urging us to live it to the fullest.

With power and confidence, Regan Lane takes us out once again for a journey through enthralling sounds, mesmerising melodic movements and poignant lyrical messages. Through the happy trip of this track, he not only reminds us to live each day to its full potential, but he also fills us with the strength and energy to do it all again tomorrow. By the end of this track, you may feel like your default setting on how you approach life has just been shifted.

‘Kill It Tomorrow’ sweeps and clangs into your ears before swirling into a groovier rock movement. The guitars bring a blast of rock tones that edge between alternative and surf. The melody has a confidence that can’t be faked as it flows into your spirit. You can’t help but get caught up in the movement of the music whether you want to dance around or just strangely jerk around without any coordination. While the music is infiltrating your brain, woven into it rather subtly is a psychedelic edge that adds a slight acid wash to the vibe.

Through all of this, Lane’s vocals call to you from the distance before harmonising and echoing. This almost airy opening vocal line moves to a slightly retro tone as the guitars hit. There is a touch of post-punk to the punching backing vocals. As you listen to his performance, you are filled with this vibrating energy that makes you want to get out and grasp everything life has to offer. There is no way to listen to this track and not feel the urge to embrace life every day. The chorus is ridiculously catchy and you are going to be shouting it out as you pump up the volume.

Soda Cracker Jesus gets you pumped up and vibrating with the need to embrace life to the full in ‘Kill it Tomorrow’. With a melody that packs a serious punch of energy, the track has you bouncing around. His vocals get you hyped while bringing a slightly retro tone to the track.

Find out more about Soda Cracker Jesus on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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