The Foolks – Friends (2020)

With their debut single ‘The Most Beautiful Queen’, The Foolks had us picking ourselves up, dusting off and heading toward our dreams. Now they are back with the aptly named single ‘Friends’. Delving into the topic of friendship, they draw on guitarist Emmanuel Dron’s own experiences with the sad thought that some people never make an effort to contact their friends. As they touch on the importance of friendship, they draw you further into their soundscape.

Working together from across the globe, the band uses their music to reflect on the current situation of the world. Through catchy and introspective songs, they touch on all the heavy topics of life that many people might shy away from.

‘Friends’ grabs your attention with the plucky guitar opening that you can’t help but move your head to. This tone continues to the chorus when a melodic guitar joins in for a very enjoyable vibe. There is something lighthearted about the melody even when it swings to a slightly slower and deeper sound. The melody has a very roots-rock vibe going on that is quite different to anything else you might hear right now.

Jamie Wiltshire’s vocals continue this vibe as he effortlessly walks you through the track. The lyrics build the picture of a friendship that you need to cherish. The song is really catchy and has this flow that you can easily sing along to. The lyrics make this very easy and you might find yourself singing a few lines long after you have stopped listening.

The Foolks delve into friendships and the need to cherish them in the aptly titled single ‘Friends’. Using a roots-rock style, the band effortlessly walks you through a friendship and the need to keep these connections. It is an easy song to connect with and is unbelievably catchy.

Find out more about The Foolks on their Facebook and Spotify.

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