The Woods – A Changing Light (2021)

With a delicate touch, The Woods took on some of the hardest issues of the modern world in their single ‘Conversations We Should’ve Had’. Through his new single ‘A Changing Light’, he turns his attention to other people and brings a message of positivity. A track dedicated to those working hard to keep the creativity flowing while faced with the hardships of life, he applies a healing salve to their tired souls.

With a tingling movement, he steady builds a sonic tapestry of notes, textures and tones that soothe the roughest edges of your soul. His soulful vocals are rich as he combines his classical background with groovy neo-soul. If you are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, this is the song you need to help you shrug off your worries and understand that you are one of the sparks lighting up the world.

‘A Changing Light’ opens with a delicate vocal line that is almost haunting in its tenderness. There is a stark feeling to the opening vocals as they slide out into the ether like a rich satin thread searching for an anchor. With each line, the vocals thread their way into your spirit and send shivers racing through you with their evocative power. As the single progresses, his vocal performance gains poignancy while retaining the soulful smoothness. Each word is another splash of rich colour in the tapestry of the single that wraps around your soul and comforts. You may feel the urge to close your eyes to take in the soothing flow of the vocals as he brings peace and lightness to your spirit.

As the vocals have you tingling and feeling soothed, the melody creates a plush cushion for you to luxuriate on. The soft tones that open the track are joined by a soft clapping that meets soulful drums to gently pull you forward. It is a very graceful melody that lightly enhances the vocals while offering just a touch of comfort on its own. The lighter tones that come later help the salve of the vocals soothe the rough edges of your spirit.

The Woods soothes the rough edges of your spirit and remind us that we are all sparks that light up the world in the soulful flows of ‘A Changing Light’. Using soulful vocals, he paints a rich picture with lyrics that tenderly embrace your spirit. The melody is delicate as it forms a plush cushion for you to rest on.

Find out more about The Woods on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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