The Mood – Daisypicker (2021)

If Arctic Monkeys were to have a lovechild with The Libertines but it was raised by Blur, the chances are The Mood would be it. Melding elements of grunge with indie-rock, the UK-based quartet are sitting on a unique genre-defying sound. Well-known for their energetic and enthusiastic performances, the lads were making waves in the Birmingham indie scene with their live gigs. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 lockdown put a halt to gigs but this didn’t mean The Mood were out of the limelight. In fact, it was during this period that their creativity really came to the fore resulting in two new singles. The latest single on their discography is ‘Daisypicker’.

Featured Less Than 1000 Followers, YMX, RGM and Clout, The Mood are named as a rising star to watch which makes sense considering the popularity of their music. Following their debut single ‘Ultimate Indie Disco’, ‘Daisypicker’ adopts a more upbeat, buoyant sound and style. Recorded with renowned producer Gavin Monaghan, ‘Daisypicker’ has both a hard-hitting sound with some whimsical undertones. The cleverly arranged melody is guitar-driven with pounding drums, yet there is a warmth and fuzziness in the flowing melody. My favourite element has to be the obscure but distinct English accented vocals.

Alongside the kaleidoscopic melody, The Mood adds an intimacy to the soundscape with emotional lyricism. Touching on the concept of relationships, ‘Daisypicker’ dissects the brutal honesty behind being in love but going through a “sticky patch”. Lead vocalist Dan’s gruff vocals enhance the poignancy of the single bringing a melancholic intensity with the personal narrative. Easily connecting with their listeners on a deeper level, the lads carry the audience through a tender, heartfelt tale of love and potential loss.

Filled with anticipation, sentimentality and sincerity, The Mood find the delicate line between innocent naivety and mournful maturity in ‘Daisypicker’. I think it’s safe to say that this group has a lot of success ahead of them and are definitely one to watch!

For more from The Mood check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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