Son Savage – Superglue (2022)

Son Savage is hitting us with a blast of nostalgia through the retro pop tune ‘Superglue’. Using electronic pop, 80s vibes and sounds that take us back in time to summer flings, the single is a really groovy blast from the past. The retro vibes of the single are enhanced by the accompanying music video that brings an 8-bit version of him to life in video game format.

Following on from the success of his debut single, Son Savage has released his debut album which this single is a part of. Looking at the ups and downs of love, the album shuffles through different genres and styles. Showcasing his versatility while keeping up the infectious energy of his debut which landed him on local charts, his music leaves you eager for more.

‘Superglue’ has a light crackle that sparks over the rich groovy tones of the melody. There is a retro beat that enters to drive you down the soundscape. The melody has this great sweep to the sound that leads you into the danceable tones of the chorus. It is an understated melody that brings a lot to the table as it has you bouncing to the sound while enhancing the vocals. The electronic edges of the melodic lines are sprinkled with organic tones that come together for a wonderful alternative pop sound. As the melody leads you to the chorus, there is a rush of sound that lifts you up and tosses you into the grooves of the chorus. It is an undeniably danceable melody that uses a lot of little melodic elements to create a really fantastic sound.

As the retro tones of the melody sparkle below you, Son Savage’s vocals have an almost RnB touch to them. The lyrics are packed with a yearning for someone and the deep affection he feels for them. The use of superglue as an analogy of the attraction he feels is wonderfully woven into the single and really brings the feel of the track to life. There is an interesting interplay taking place in the lyrics as he acknowledges that this might be a summer fling before bringing up the knowledge that he wants more. The backing vocals add another burst of energy to the performance that elevates his groovy delivery. The electronic touches to the vocals have been used perfectly to bring that wash of nostalgic tones.

Son Savage brings the feeling of being stuck on someone to life while washing the feeling with nostalgic touches in ‘Superglue’. The single has a retro vibe to it that takes you back in time while the vocals have you yearning for something more with a person you like. All of this has been wrapped up in an engaging package that has been turned into an equally engaging music video.

Find out more about Son Savage on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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