Connor Desai – Some Time Ago (2022)

Connor Desai is going back to her roots with the intimate sound of her single ‘Some Time Ago’. Bringing an acoustic sparseness to the elegance of timelessness, the confessional track offers up the grace and beauty of a broken heart. Through the lyrics, Desai chronicles relationships, female sexuality, confinements and juxtapositions that fill the world.

While touching on a broken heart, there is a much deeper message woven into the single, as with all great folk songs. The soul-stirring tones of this single enhance the authentic folk flavours of her previous releases. Since her debut EP in 2007, Desai has been gaining a global cult following helped by the frenzy caused by her single ‘Friend of the Devil’ that filled the final scene of the Netflix thriller ‘The One’.

The folky tones of the acoustic guitar that fill the opening of ‘Some Time Ago’ relaxes something in your chest. The gentle touch eases the muscles in your shoulders and brings the timeless feeling of great folk to our ears. The beautiful piano line that enters adds a depth to the single that is utterly stunning. A haze of organ fills the background bringing a sparkling glint of light reflecting off bright surfaces. The melody is stunning in its authentic and intimate feeling. It is like the instruments sit beside you and offer a gentle strength by their presence. It is a subtle elegance that weaves through the almost laid-back melody that really takes the single to another level.

As you relax back into the melody, Desai’s vocals are honest and packed with raw emotion. While the emotion doesn’t leave you choked on the feelings they invoke, they have a stirring message that sticks with you long after the track has ended. There is poetry to the lyrics that brings the important deeper message to life with the most delicate touch imaginable. You can feel the tug of pain from a broken heart, but there is a steely strength hiding beneath it that has you standing strong. While the lyrics use a tumultuous relationship as the focus, there is a much deeper reflection of society and the struggle for equality woven into them.

With raw emotion and confessional vocals, Connor Desai brings a timelessness and beauty to a broken heart while teasing something much deeper in ‘Some Time Ago’. The acoustic folk tones of the melody are relaxing and laid back allowing the depths of the vocals to really shine. Desai’s performance is soul-stirring and will stick with you long after the last delicate note of the single.

Find out more about Connor Desai on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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