Spinball – Seagulls (2020)

Spinball is experimenting with indie rock sounds for their single ‘Seagulls’. The single combines their usual sound with synth sequencers for a truly unique sound. Following their previous singles, ‘Seagulls’ is a treat for the senses and a showcase of just what the band has to offer.

This experimentation comes from Nikos Karatzidis (vocals), Panagiotis Tsevrenis (guitar), Alex Mitros (bass, vocals) and Bill Skouras (drums, samples). The band came together in 2006 and released their first 5-track demo in 2007. Since then, they have been pumping out music to an ever-growing fanbase. This single is part of their new music and a taster for their upcoming studio album.

‘Seagulls’ draws you into the soundscape with echoing vocals. The haziness of the performance creates an almost ominous feeling to the single. This is compounded by the deep melody that vibrates under the vocals. Throughout the single, the echoing remains which adds an interesting vibe to the music. The flow of the vocal performance has an experimental edge as it takes a higher tone later in the track. While there is darkness woven into the performance, the lyrics are a bit at odds with this as they could almost be taken as motivating. The metal tones in the backing vocals later in the track add a very different edge to everything.

While the vocals fill you with a conflicting experience, the melody draws you in with deep zinging tones. This enhances the dark vibe of the vocals, but there are soaring notes later on that propel you out of the darkness. The experimental vibe of the single makes you think of thick fog that rolls in from the ocean and fills you with a sense of the unknown.

Spinball thrusts you into an experimental soundscape full of zinging synths and echoing vocals with ‘Seagulls’. The melody offers a dark and ominous feeling made worse by the vocals. However, the lyrics are slightly at odds as they offer a darkly motivating flow.

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