Shanii22 – CLXTR (2020)

Shanii22 is translating his multicultural upbringing into his music by combining different hip-hop cultures. His single ‘CLXTR’ fuses these cultures while highlighting their unique qualities for a diverse take on music. Intertwining hip-hop sounds from across the world with his own brand of rap, he has created a song that is quite unlike any others.

Based out of Halifax, he draws on his international background and various influences. Tapping into the sounds of Kanye West, Jay-Z and Wu Tang Klan, he is turning heads with his music. While this single was recorded a while ago, it continues to captivate listeners.

‘CLXTR’ has some familiar sounds in the opening as the melody pulses to life. The undertones give way to a shivering beat that wraps itself around the vocals. You can hear some different stylings of hip-hop in the melody, but this is subtle. Each style is flawlessly combined to create a unique soundscape that offers a hint of something purely Shanii22. The music creates a pulsing and engaging background for the vocals to draw you in.

His vocals are a smooth fusion of hip-hop and emo rap. The interplay between the layered vocals complements the interwoven melody. It is a very easy single to listen to as the vocals meld with the music for a smooth flow. You can easily start singing along to his performance as the lyrics work through dark emotions.

Shanii22 fuses different hip-hop stylings while working through some dark emotions and experiences in the smooth slides of ‘CLXTR’. The melody subtly nods at different hip-hop styles while fusing them together for something unique. The easy flow of the vocals pulls you into the story of the lyrics as they slide across your ears.

Find out more about Shanii22 on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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