The Shelter – Roads of Mexico (2020)

When you have a mass of music submissions passing along your desk, it is easy to become jaded. A feeling of utter indifference is even more likely when all the submissions have similar sounds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all the tracks I listen to are dreadful, but it takes quite a bit to move me from boredom to overly excited. The Shelter falls into the exciting category.

Based in Mexico City, bassist Javier Orduna and vocalist Elias Gameros are producing a captivating brand of rock and roll. Inspired by bands like Led Zeppelin, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead and Queens of the Stone Age, The Shelter can rightly refer to themselves as one of the very few stoner-rock bands in Mexico. To remain prominent, the duo plans to release one single every month in 2020. The latest addition to this project is ‘Roads Of Mexico’.

Moving away from the staccato sound of previous releases ‘Black Philip’ and ‘Misconception’ ala Ramones, ‘Roads of Mexico’ is steadier with more of a rock influence. Having worked with the artistic director for the Ramones, Arturo Vega, it makes sense that the iconic band would play a role in The Shelter’s music, but the latest track appears to be more garage than punk.

What I find enthralling about ‘Roads Of Mexico’ is the complementary elements with the vocals building on an emotional melody and the guitar emphasising the angst of the lyrics. A track about the effect of lockdown, it would seem the song should be aggressive; however, ‘Roads Of Mexico’ is warm and charming.

Not a hypnotic song, but the effortless instrumentation and vocals on this track make a strong impression. It is easy to see the ease with which The Shelter makes music and that they are building on their already attractive sound. All I have to say is that Led Zeppelin should watch out because The Shelter is on their coattails.

For more about The Shelter, check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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