Amberlake – I Can Be Cool (2020)

Amberlake is the exciting new project from guitarist and producer Nick Tsang who has toured and worked with acts including Busted and Ed Sheeran. Using his own brand of alt-pop, he is creating a musical kaleidoscope. Setting himself the impressive task of releasing new music every three weeks in 2020, he is ready to amaze with his latest single ‘I Can Be Cool’ featuring KELLA.

This duet looks at how a person is willing to change to have a chance with someone. Dipping into pop melodies on one hand and immersing itself in serene electronica on the other, the song is already turning heads.

‘I Can Be Cool’ gets you into the song with a raindrop beat. The beat carries you through the song and creates a gentle base for the single. There is a light and summery feeling to the rhythm that is a little at odds with the lyrics of the track. Countering the upbeat notes are lyrics that are full of insecurity and a yearning for someone to take a chance.

While the lyrics and melody play against each other, Amberlake and KELLA showcase two perspectives through powerful vocals. Their performances are emotive and melodic. Their voices also blend perfectly as Amberlake offers deeper notes to KELLA’s lighter and higher range. Together they create an easy to listen to track with a chorus that you will sing along with.

Amberlake and KELLA create a light and summery vibe injected with insecurity and yearning on ‘I Can Be Cool’. The duet perfectly highlights both artists while hypnotising you. If you are looking for a light track to add to your playlist, this is the song.

Find out more about Amberlake on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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