Ymblacksea – Reggea Love (2020)

If you are looking for a song that could really stick in your brain for a while to come, ‘Reggae Love’ by Ymblacksea is possibly what you want. All about love, this single gives you a peek into what you can expect in the future from this up and coming artist. Showcasing his authentic style, the song will have you moving to its beat before you even realise it.

Inspired by those who break the mould, Ymblacksea is taking a different approach to reggae and dancehall. His musical journey began in his early teens when he started writing his own verses and later dropped his music online. Drawing on a wide range of inspiration, he may just be one to look out for in the future.

‘Reggae Love’ hits you with Ymblacksea’s vocals from the first moment. He draws you in with the faster verses before you are drawn into smoother vocals. There is an infectious energy to both the verses and chorus that get you moving to them. The energy of his vocals will have you singing along, particularly to the chorus. You can hear the passion he has for what he does in his vocals.

Below these infectious vocals is the steady beat. You are first drawn into this beat by the Caribbean tones of the opening. While the melody is relatively minimalist, it sets the perfect foundation for the vocals. The infectious vibes primarily come from the vocals, but that steady beat has you easily moving along the song. Through the path of the melody, you are led to the catchy chorus.

Ymblacksea has you moving to his infectious beat with the vocal-driven ‘Reggae Love’. The song has this steady beat that works as a foundation for the energetic vocals. The chorus is a bit of an earworm that wriggles its way into your brain and stays there.

Find out more about Ymblacksea on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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