Static – When I’m Falling (2020)

Letting go of the past can be difficult, but a little music can help to smooth the way. This is what Static offers with his latest EP When I’m Falling. The short EP considers loss, regret, nostalgia and hope as it takes you on the journey of finding your identity. Through the tracks, he works through this process while encouraging you to let go of the past and try to stay in the present.

This journey has been created by Joseph Ling using his solo project Static. While he has been in punk and grunge bands through his teens, he is looking to experiment and indulge his own creative ideas. Using the ideas that never really fit into his bands, he has created an EP full of familiar yet unique sounds.

The EP starts with ‘Outside’ which draws you in with an expansive opening. The depth of the synths is weighed against the haunting lines floating in the background. The vocals creep up from the depths for an almost ominous performance. There is a hint of 80s in the melody while the vocals offer a modern twist. The track is a perfect opening that eases you into the soundscape of the EP while setting the lyrical and topical themes.

‘Ordinary Life’ has a lighter tone to the opening with zinging synth notes and plucky beats. While there is a more upbeat feeling to the music, this is countered by a darker depth that enters with the vocals. Ling’s vocals have a hazy edge to them as they draw you into a tale of self-doubt and regret. There is a floating feeling to the music as it combines with the vocals. This helps you connect with the emotions of the track.

The opening of ‘Show Me’ has an almost cinematic feeling to it. The different layers of the melody meld wonderfully together before Ling’s vocals enter. There is a sense of wonder to his performance at the start that turns into something nostalgic as the song progresses. His vocals are extremely emotive on this track and this is only enhanced by the harmonisations leading to the chorus. The chorus has a sombre flow that sinks into your brain and does not budge.

The EP ends with ‘Where’d It Go Wrong?’ which brings a more 80s soundscape through the opening. The light tones of the synths in the opening give way to a darker vocal performance. There is a questioning within the lyrics and vocals which have a serious post-punk vibe to them. Through the track, you are filled with a sense of aggressive regret over what has happened, but there is also a thread of hope. Threaded into the music is a feeling that things can get better as you move on from the past and the regrets you have.

Static takes you on a journey of self-discovery laced with regrets, loss, doubt and hope in his EP When I’m Falling. The EP has a hint of 80s synths melded with a modern view of the world. With threads of nostalgia and dark emotions, you are led to a sense that things can be okay when you move forward and shed the darkness of the past.

Find out more about Static on his Instagram and Spotify.

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