Statz – Honest (2021)

There is nothing as freeing as confessing your true feelings to someone you have an interest in. The happy and upbeat vibes that come with this have been perfectly captured by Statz for his single ‘Honest’. While packed with good feelings, the single also touches on the nerve-wracking experience of confessing your emotions to someone who might not feel the same.

The balance of opening yourself up to hurt and the freedom of admitting your emotions has been wonderfully crafted in the track through the unique sound Statz brings. Merging RnB with soul and emo rap, he brings a melodic flow that is quite unlike anything else you might be listening to. While still new to the music scene, this second release lets you know that he still has a lot to unleash.

‘Honest’ has a smooth RnB opening that is all moody tones that flow into the vibrating beats. There is a touch of hip-hop to the soundscape that is eclipsed by the sultry tones of RnB. It is a rather stripped-back melody that is still rich and wraps around your shoulders. The depths of the beats have you gently bopping to the rhythm before the higher tones have you swaying to their flow. The steadiness of the music allows the vocals to really take over the show and bring their emotive power.

Statz’s vocals carry the same fusion of tones as the melody with an edge of hip-hop to the smooth seduction of RnB. His performance has an honesty to it that is wonderful in its vulnerability. The lyrics speak from the perspective of a guy confessing his love with a swirl of his thoughts leading up to this moment. It is a delightful combination of happiness, freedom and anxiety. The heady mixture is a perfect encapsulation of the moment the lyrics portray. His performance is interesting as it balances between rap and RnB flows making it rather unique.

Statz fills you with the freedom, happiness and anxiety that comes from confessing your feelings to someone in ‘Honest’. The rich yet stripped back melody gets you into the mood of the single and allows his vocals to take control. His voice is as rich as the soundscape with a blend of hip-hop and RnB that bolsters the emotions of the lyrics.

Find out more about Statz on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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