Chasing Shadows – Bullets (2021)

There are people who have a serious effect on our lives as they overtake our thoughts but don’t reciprocate the feelings we have. This is something that Chasing Shadows have picked up and turned into the endlessly addictive tones of ‘Bullets’. Through the indie-rock tones of the track, they work through feelings of affection, betrayal and the pain this brings.

While dipping into personal experience, the pain and betrayal of the track is easy to relate to. Coming out of North Wales, the band create a real earworm with this single while building up to even greater future releases. With a grant from BBC Wales Horizons/Gorwelion Launchpad fund, they are gearing up for another EP release that we are quite excited about.

‘Bullets’ strums into your ears before the drums push you into the soundscape. There is an addictive movement to the melody that gets you swaying and tapping to the rhythm. The movement on the verses builds for a burst on the chorus that adds to the emotions of the lyrics. As the single progresses, there is a stop-start sound to the music that gives way to a wonderful indie-rock tone. There is a lot to love in this melody as it rides through you, builds to the chorus and bursts with emotion. Each note builds on the last while providing the foundation that the vocals need to really shine.

The vocals call out over the infectious melody and pull you into a feeling of someone overtaking your thoughts. This is a really relatable feeling that weaves its way into your soul. This leads listeners to the chorus where the vocals build up and unleash the pain of words that hit like bullets. The almost happy overwhelming feelings of the start of the track are left behind as the song continues and you are filled with the anger and pain of betrayal. The vocals are so emotive as they release these emotions into the soundscape. Through all of this, the movement of the performance is really catchy and has you yelling out with the band.

Chasing Shadows have you shouting out with them as they unleash anger and pain through the infectious rock tones of ‘Bullets’. The melody is addictive from start to finish as it winds a dynamic path through the soundscape. The vocals use the movement of the music as a foundation to inundate you with emotion that begs to be released.

Find out more about Chasing Shadows on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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