Steelyard – Don’t Let Go (2021)

A lot of people have faced a situation where they adore someone but feel that this is not enough. Steelyard has taken these moments and turned them into the enthralling single ‘Don’t Let Go’. With a heavy touch of 80s synthwave, they bring the fear of not being enough to light while taking you through the ups and downs of the emotional rollercoaster this puts you through.

While hitting you with a serious emotional rollercoaster, there is something remarkably positive about the music. Frank Leemhuis and Wouter van der Veen bring together retro and modern, up-tempo and down for a story that everyone can relate to in some way. With a blast of positive thinking, they fill you with the love of the lyrics and hope for the future.

‘Don’t Let Go’ uses a wave of synths and piano notes to grab your attention. There is a bright feeling to the music like colourful lights dancing across your eyelids. As the tempo of the track picks up, it makes you want to sway to the beats while your senses are drawn into the vocals. At times, the melody borders on anthemic before it closes in tighter to the chest. The movement of the melody complements the emotions of the vocals as it shines with a sense of adoration only to contract with a hit of self-doubt.

While the melody moves you through the emotions of the track, the vocals give it more substance. Through the performance, you feel the fear of not being enough which turns into a call on the chorus to be together. As the song progresses, there is a more positive vibe that shines through as they bring an understanding of self. The fear transforms into a knowledge of what you bring to others while acknowledging your emotions.

Steelyard move from fear of not being good enough to an understanding of worth and positive vibes in ‘Don’t Let Go’. The movement of emotions in the single is enhanced by the arrangement of the melody that brings synths to a modern flow. The vocals fill you with the emotions of the lyrics while offering a brightness that leaves you feeling hopeful.

Find out more about Steelyard on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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