The Miller Test – Eden Gaol (2021)

Following their progress with great interest, The Miller Test has become a firm favourite of The Other Side Reviews. Merging elements of post-punk, indie-rock and soul, Mink (vocals, guitar and keys), Emma (vocals), Sam (bass and guitar), Matt (guitar and keys) and Gav (drums and percussion) drag you into a kaleidoscopic whirlpool of music with all their releases. With powerful instrumentation and poetic lyricism, The Miller Test has a melodic way of exposing unspoken existential truths. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is the track ‘Eden Gaol’.

Taken from their upcoming second album Dead Blue, ‘Eden Gaol’ is a dynamic single filled with poignant lyricism and endearing melodies. Combining pounding drums with hard-hitting guitars, particularly the scorching lead guitar riffs underlying the smooth sound, ‘Eden Gaol’ finds the balance between beauty and destruction. Of course, The Miller Test consistently embraces the fragility of the human spirit in their music; however, ‘Eden Gaol’ is a harsher, more brutal exploration of the gritty cruelty in society.

Following their languid ballad ‘Better Than You’, ‘Eden Gaol’ is brusque with raw honesty in the lyricism. The change in tone shows the band’s versatility, however, it is the change in Mink’s vocals that is most striking. Previously adopting a Prince-esque falsetto, Mink’s heartbreaking voice has a deeper, throatier tone encapsulating the roughness of ‘Eden Gaol’. It is this hushed tone that makes your hair stand on end while playing an air guitar.

As with ‘Better Than You’, The Miller Test released an official music video to accompany ‘Eden Gaol’. Shot in a decommissioned Category B prison, the video captures the essence of the profound single. Depicting the core of Orwellian dystopian society, the music video reminds me of 1984 and the government’s Room 101. Terrifying, but at the same time utterly beguiling.

For more from The Miller Test check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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