Stellan Perrick – Golden Baby (2022)

There are times when we all feel the world is unfair and that no one is able to relate to our struggles. Stellan Perrick understands this better than most as he has struggled through his own perception of the unfairness of life. The dark journey he took has been swept up into his single ‘Golden Baby’ as he explores the loneliness these feelings bring, only to turn our attention to the light that can burn away the darkness that surrounds our souls.

A very personal single, Perrick taps into a dark time in his life to offer the helping hand that many people need right now. While packed with darkness, there is an enjoyable flow to the music that turns the single almost into a dance track. Offering up something of himself to every listener, Perrick lets us know we are not as alone as we assume, while showcasing his ability to draw light from the dark.

‘Golden Baby’ uses a dark and eery rushing wind that turns into neon colours to grab your attention. The deep beat has you marching down rain-soaked streets in the dark night as you head down the path of the melody. The music has a distinct dance touch to it as you imagine pulsing lights in the darkness. This is tempered by a more subdued pop feeling. The interplay between these elements is wonderful as it brings the dark sweep of the single, only to bring the glint of something better to the higher levels. It is wonderful to hear the balance of elements that showcase the musical power of Perrick. Later in the track, a rather funky and groovy guitar line enters that lifts some of the darkness that has filled the melody.

As you head down the dark dance path of the melody, the vocals are like a raw opening up of emotion. There is a very emotional touch to the lyrics that lets you see the bleeding wounds the perceived unfairness of the world leaves on the soul. While the lyrics could easily spiral into depression and darkness, there is a steady progression to a better and more uplifting understanding of the world. The light drawn out of the darkness in the vocals is stunning to listen to, while the delivery adds an extra edge to the dance feel of the track.

Stellan Perrick draws light out of the darkness while getting us moving to the dance vibes of the rather dark emotions of ‘Golden Baby’. Both the melody and vocals have a depressed darkness to them that threatens to overtake your senses. This is lightened by the light that glints in the melody and is worked toward in the lyrics.

Find out more about Stellan Perrick on his Instagram and Spotify.

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