Stemin – Our Universe, Our Galaxy (2021)

Raised in Italy but born in Switzerland, Stemin brings together diverse cultures in his experimental sound. Already having a reputation for engaging, energetic and eclectic music, the Amsterdam-based artist merges elements of soul, funk and pop for our enjoyment. Pushing a message of empowerment for listeners, the singer-songwriter/producer purports that “life is not about being told you are one thing and not another…” – a rather refreshing insight in these uncertain times. While this is the first time I have heard of Stemin, he has featured on numerous music blogs from Music News to We Write About Music and Turtle Tempo; thus, reaching audiences from across the globe. The latest addition to his repertoire is ‘Our Universe, Our Galaxy’.

I will admit that when I saw the artwork for ‘Our Universe, Our Galaxy’ alongside press shots, I expected a dream-pop style – I now know that I should never assume. One of the singles from Stemin’s upcoming album Unspoken Dreams, ‘Our Universe, Our Galaxy’ drags us back to old-school funk in its melodic arrangement. While there is joviality to the melody, the funk-influenced guitar, drums and piano thread a tender poignancy through the sonic tapestry. What I found particularly intriguing is Stemin’s similarity to artists like George Benson but retaining a unique stamp proving he is not to be pigeon-holed.

Touching on elements of hopefulness, optimism, self-discovery and acceptance, ‘Our Universe, Our Galaxy’ follows Stemin’s belief that “you can be many things and to many people”. Fusing his rich vocals with the intoxicating melody, Stemin’s recognisable tone can send chills down your spine, but there is far more to ‘Our Universe, Our Galaxy’ than a breathtakingly beautiful song. As a queer artist living in a reality filled with prejudice, Stemin takes his life experiences and hopes listeners can learn from them finding the light at the end of a desperate tunnel. I hate to say it, but homophobia is alive and well; however, Stemin is poetically taking a stand to help others see that there are still good things in life, and we need to embrace them.

“As a queer artist, I want to tell stories about overcoming prejudice, conquering fears, embracing our true selves and, most of all, celebrating queer love. ‘Our Universe, Our Galaxy’ is an invitation to look inward to our dreams, the safe, magical places where we are free. In our dreams, as with falling in love, everything glitters and glows with thrilling intensity.” – Stemin on ‘Our Universe, Our Galaxy’

For more from Stemin check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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