Track of the Day: Elise – Ragdoll

Bringing together elements of alt-pop, indie and folk, Ireland-based Elise creates cinematic and kaleidoscopic ambiences with her music. With the intensity and mystique of Joan Baez, the singer-songwriter connects with listeners on a personal and sometimes dark level. Featured on publications like YMX, Hot Press, Indie Top 39 and various playlists, Elise is reaching audiences on an international level. While 2020 brought things to a halt regarding her tour schedule, Elise continued to share mesmerising music with singles and a headline act at Whelan’s Ones To Watch. The latest addition to her discography is ‘Ragdoll’.

Following her 2020 single ‘Cowboy’ (read our review here), ‘Ragdoll’ is Elise’s first track of 2021. Elegant, poetic and poignant, ‘Ragdoll’ touches on elements of self-reflection and discovery. Elise explains that “in life, we often come to a point where we have to make big decisions for ourselves. Sometimes we make the right choice and at times we continue down the same old path, repeating self-defeating habits.” – it is this introspection into the human soul that really showcases Elise’s conceptual tone and insightful material.

Recorded at Sun Studio’s Temple Bar with Thomas Donoghue and Joe LaPorta, ‘Ragdoll’ is a product of award-winning collaborations. Slightly more upbeat (for lack of a better word), this track combines cheery tones with swirls of synth-driven sounds. Yet, while there is a toe-tapping vibe to the alt-pop single, Elise brings forth a melancholic and nostalgic quality in the song. It is the harmonic weaving of ethereal melodies with a lyrical examination of human fragility that makes ‘Ragdoll’ phenomenally profound.

In addition to the single, Elise released a music video for ‘Ragdoll’. As wistful as the otherworldly tune, the official music video features breathtakingly haunting visuals. The movement through the woods alongside staring into a mirror adds a sense of isolation, fear, longing and, well, reflection to ‘Ragdoll’. Bonus point: the video does not have strobe-like lighting effects and can be viewed by people with photosensitive epilepsy.

For more from Elise, check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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